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KaizenLAB is the fastest growing Environmental Laboratory in Western Canada and we are frequently in need of new talent. The following are some of the positions with higher demand. Please submit your resume below indicating the position for which you are interested. If the position is currently not vacant, we will keep your resume on file for future considerations.


Client Service Rep / Project Coordinator

Handling calls and requests from clients. Reviewing samples and documents received at the lab. Communicating client requirements to lab staff and communicating operational issues to client. Coordinating projects to meet required turnaround time and other client expectations. Reviewing of final reports and invoices and submitting them to clients.


Client Services Administrator

Vacancy (1)

Receives documentation from clients and sales staff to be entered in LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) such as client information, chain of custody forms (includes sample information and requests for tests), requests for sampling supplies, etc. Prepares analytical reports and invoices through LIMS and emails them to clients after proper review and approval. Assists the Client Services team in processing client requests and the coordination of projects.


Logistics Technician

Shipping of coolers with bottles and sampling supplies to clients. Receiving of coolers with samples. Providing service to walk-in clients. Logging in, labeling and preparing samples and documents for the lab


Soil Prep Analyst

Grinding of soils, preparing soil pastes, filtering pastes and submitting filtrate to lab for analysis. Setting up soils for hydrometer analysis (sand, silt, clay).


Inorganic Lab Analyst  (General Chemistry)

Analyzing water samples and soil extracts for various inorganic tests such as COD, BOD, Cyanide, Ammonia, TKN, pH, EC, Alkalinity, among others.


Inorganic Lab Analyst  (Instrumentation)

Analyzing water and soil extracts for anions by Ion Chromatography.



Metals Analyst (Digestion)

Digesting water and soil samples for analysis of metals.


Metals Analyst (Instrumentation)

Analyzing water and soil digests for metals by ICP-OES and ICP-MS.


Metals Team Leader

Coordinating and managing the workflow in the Metals department. In depth knowledge of ICP-MS and ICP-OES technology mandatory. Experience in a supervisory role a positive.


Organic Lab Analyst (Extractions)

Performing organic extractions of soil and water samples and preparing extracts for analysis.


Organic Lab Analyst (Instrumentation)

Analyzing sample extracts for hydrocarbons, pesticides and other volatile and semi volatile organic compounds by GC and GC/MS.


Microbiology Analyst

Vacancy (1)

Analyzing water and soil samples for Microtox, as well as analyzing water samples for total and fecal coli forms and other microbiological tests.


Technical Sales Representative

Vacancy (1)

Contacting clients offering KaizenLAB's services. Preparing quotes and bids for clients. Following up on client satisfaction. Provide assistance in marketing activities.


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